Here is what you need to know about Microblogvember:

  • Each day in November we will post a one-word prompt, courtesy of Random Word Generator. We’ll pick the first word generated, unless it’s really inappropriate. So be prepared for some head scratchers. (Anyone remember “woebegone”?)

  • Follow @challenges. We’ll post the new prompt and a reminder each day.

  • Participants write and publish a micropost of up to 280 characters that includes this prompt. You can include a note that it is part of Microblogvember, but it’s not required. If you use hashtags (which aren’t supported on, but could be helpful on other platforms), it’s #mbnov.

  • The posts will be collected into a special Discover category at… This is hand-curated, and we will find your Microblogvember posts as long as they have the prompt word included.

  • If you post using the prompt every day in November, you’ll earn the Microblogvember pin. You’ll also earn the Daily blogger pin, which is awarded when you post 30 days in a row.

If you want to get idea of what folks have done in the past, you can see the previous years’ challenge posts on the Microblogvember Discover category page.