The challenge begins on Wednesday, March 1, with a prompt for each day. 📷

If you want to earn the 30-day Photo Challenge pin, posting one photo every day in March is a good way to do that. The photo needs to appear in a short post on your timeline to count. Longer blog posts with photos are welcome, but the automatic pin calculation looks for a short post with one photo. Photos without text are fine, but if you include the prompt word, it will make it easier for us to curate the challenge gallery.

The prompts will be suggestions from the community. Please mail your top 3 suggestions to 🙏

We will list each week’s prompts on this post. We will also publish daily reminders on the timeline, so make sure to follow @challenges. 🔔

Photoblogging challenges are a popular feature here on There will be a special photo gallery that you can follow, and it’s a great way to learn about other community members and their worlds. Here’s the May 2022 gallery. 🖼

Week 1 prompts: 🗓